Elegant Pink High Quality Ceramic Soup Set -15 Pcs

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  • 15 Pcs Set- Elegant Pink High Quality Ceramic Soup includes 6 bowls for serving, 6 soup spoons, 1 large bowl, 1 large serving spoon, and a metallic stand to fit all these luxuries. Ideal soup set for a family.
  • Dimensions
                         Soup Small Bowl
                                                   4 Inches Diameter, Depth 3 Inches.
    Large Bowl 
                       8 Inches Diameter Depth 4.5 Inches.
  • Cup Spoon
                        Length 4 Inches.
  • Bowl Spoon 
                        Length 9 Inches.
  • Quantity
     15 pcs
  • Serve soup, cereals, or desserts in these cheerful bowls made of high-quality Ceramic.
  • They will increase the beauty of your kitchen and your dining table and will fulfill your aesthetic sense.
  • Easily washable.