Acrylic Sipper Bottle

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                  Enjoy your cold coffee and Juice for any liquid in acrlic mug set. The silicon lid  helps keep the beverages hot or cold for longer and helps prevents Messy spills. the acrylics sleeve ensures that that you would not burn your fingers while holding this Mug. Eco-friendly set of mugs.Mug easy to wash acrylic body and grip heat resistant.Easy way of chilling drinks without watering them down. Serve any beverage in these freezable glass for an instant ice cold chill.For the best result, place your mug in a freezer compartment of your refrigerator for 2-4 hours, when the liquid frozen, remove it from freezer and fill it with your favorite drink. Feel free to freeze and re-freeze it again and again. Keep your drinks cold and refreshing with these double walled insulated gel freezer glass.

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