Double-Sided Adhesive Wall Hooks - Pack Of 10

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  • High quality materials
  •                                         No trace. no residue, good elasticity and toughness, not easy to tear, tear will not leave any trace, keep the wall clean.
  • Multi purpose hook
  •                                    it is widely used in bathroom, outdoor, kitchen and decoration including socket, garbage can, toilet brush, flowerpot, picture, etc.
  • Super waterproof
  •                                 ordinary glue hook will drop when contacting with water. Even in water, splashing, wet walls, our traceless hooks will stay strong.
  • Function
  •                 it is specially designed for family, hotel, hotel, office and so on. It is suitable for hard wall with flat luster such as ceramic tile, metal and glass.
  • Product size
  •                       about 6x6cm/2.36x2.36''
  • Color
  •             Transparent
  • Quantity
  •                   one positive and one reverse is one set, 10 sets
  • Material
  •                    ABS engineering plastic, PVC high quality material Bearing capacity

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