European Porcelain Dinner Set

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  • It can be used for dinner. Salad and breakfast. Exquisite gifts for relatives and friends are also very suitable for hotels, restaurants or bars
  • 1. Ceramic material, high temperature resistance, not easy to fade, no water absorption, no deformation.
  • 2. A variety of size and capacity design, a variety of uses, can be used as a dinner plate or jewellery plate.
  • 3. Hand-painted lifting pattern, bright colours, different colours to choose from
  • Bowl and Plates
Package include:

                                                      6 small plates 

                                                      6 medium plates

                                                      6 large plates

                                                      6 medium bowls  

                                                       6 spoons

                                                       1 large spoon

                                                       1 large bowl

                                                        1 Dish

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