BBQ Roller Grill Basket-Pack of 2

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  • Portable:this portable tool set is convenient to carry, can barbecue a variety of food, French fries, hot dogs, vegetables, chunks of meat, wearing an apron under the gazebo barbecue more comfortable, the only drawback is that it can not grill burger!
  • Stainless steel:the BBQ kit and the grill is made of stainless steel, with non-stick coating, brush cleaning, durable, reusable!
  • Outdoor kitchen:can be used at the same time with the grilling tray, can be used on the barbecue mat, can also be used under the grill smoker, can also be used directly in the kitchen, a variety of occasions to use, very convenient.
  • Large capacity:grill size 49×27×5.5cm, suitable for party, family, friends many people barbecue, grilling a variety of food, convenient and fast.
  • Other uses It can be pre-filled with food and kept in the refrigerator until ready to use. Perfect for picnics, parties, camping, etc. Warning - The rolling grill basket will be very hot when removed from the grill. Never touch the steel strip without gloves after removing it from the grill.

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