Nordic Creative Ceather Tray Leaf Ceramic Plate

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  •  Light luxury electroplating with Phnom Penh. Feathers are vivid and interesting, using bold and gilded edge technology to match the color glaze surface, elegant and retro, light luxury and exquisite.
  •  Does not drop gold and does not fade. It can be in direct contact with food, does not lose gold and does not fade, and is safe and healthy. There are black and white spots in manual electroplating or there is no metal in some places in the normal process.
  •  The appearance of the bar is also good for home decoration. Not only can it hold desserts, snacks, and dishes, but it can also be used as a jewelry storage tray, which is exquisite and classy.
  •  Double sizes, multiple colors. It can be directly in the microwave or oven, making mashed potatoes and pudding very convenient. Three different sizes can meet different display requirements.

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